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Ewwe Wellness is a collaboration of the mind & body brought together through healthy living.


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Ewwe Wellness CBN Products can help aid in sleep, stress, anxiety, pain management & much more!

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For the Body

While CBN can aid the body, Ewwe Wellness also brings Movement with pilates & yoga or Stillness with meditation & breathwork.

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Lauren introduced me to Pilates, she is an amazing instructor, fun and hands on with her way of teaching.
Pilates has not only completely transformed my body physically, it has also giving me harmony and enormous mindful strength. Its the most beautiful workout anyone can do and I never thought I would have Obliques for the first time in my life at age 55.
Pilates is the best future life investment anyone can give to themselves.


I have been an “all in” kind of workout person all my life: “no pain, no gain” was my motto. It was starting to wear on my body and I felt like I needed to slow down and find a workout that helped me get fit and stay in shape but didn’t kill my joints and adrenals.  I didn’t think it was possible but Lauren’s pilates classes made me a convert. I started with a weekly class and before I knew it I was doing pilates nearly every day. Lauren’s classes have great flow and keep me motivated and engaged. They also have a calming effect on my body and mind and help my body feel more aligned.

Cat Kredich

I am so glad to have Elle providing pilates to our yoga group. She leads with precision, and the toning results are actual. Everyone LOVES her sessions and we look forward to more. Thanks, Elle." 


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